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    octobre 2007
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    Post Mod Rom 175: a War in the Pacific mod

    I began to make mod on WitP far before having Internet and having any contact with others players.
    For about 1 year, i began to play successives versions on my mod in PBEM.
    So, i want here to thank all the opponents i had. Playing with them has showed me
    some mistakes i did. I didn't always agree with them but i tried to take into account of their
    remarks or criticisms. And it was not always easy for them to play on a mod which was not always well equilibrated.
    So, thanks to General Gutierrez, Greg, Spence, wflarry, Charlemagne, Toutatis and
    in advance, to Belle famille, Deps, Tymora, Emek and Micke .

    I have some troubles with english speaking and writting, so i apologize in advance for
    my incorrect english. I hope the readers will nevertheless understand me.

    A last thing: i made this mod alone; it is a big work so i probably forgott some things but
    i always tryied to be fair with each side. I am playing as japanese and as allies at WitP and
    i am always looking for a big challenge, not too easy for the jap at the beginning and not too
    easy for allies after 1943.


    RC = Resource Center
    res = resources
    HIC = Heavy Industry Complex
    sup = supply
    OC = Oil Center

    The aim of this mod is to force the both players to take into account of more realistic and
    historic constraints during the war in the pacific than perhaps in most others mod.
    It will be harder for both side and the rythm of operations will probably be reduced.
    The mod (named Rominet 175 or Rom 175) is based on CHS 155.


    One of the biggest change is the new definition of a resource center (RC).
    In WIP, RC is associated with raw materials exploitation like mines or plantations.
    For example, Kuala Lumpur has a RC of 600 because of stain mine and rubber plantation in Malaya.
    The trouble is that, RC not only furnishs res but also sup that can be immediately used by troops,
    planes and warships. This has stranges economical consequences. For example, when all japanese
    historical conquests are over, and except if there are real big offensives there, the Indonesia is
    completely independant of Japan for supply.
    As an other example, in real life, Kendari was only producing tabacco, sugar and bananas (and oil too);
    if it is acceptable to use it as food for troops, it is not realistic for bombers or ships.

    In this mod, RC will be considered not as raw materials exploitation but rather as big urban cities with
    amunitions factories or light industries (LI).
    So big RC are usually big cities.
    Speaking about Malaya as an example, this means that there will be RC only at Singapour.

    Here is the list of the big RC (more than 100):

    RUSSIA: Vladivostok (220), Khabarovsk (120), Komsomolsk (100), Irkoutsk (120)

    JAPAN: Kyoto (230), Tokyo (3100) , Nagoya (450) , Osaka (1300), Hiroshima (180), Nagasaki (180), Fukuoka (280), Sendai (100), Sapporo (240)

    COREA: Keijo (180)

    MANCHOUKUO: Moukden (100)

    CHINA: Pekin (240), Tienstin (100), Shanghai (240), Chungking (250), Chengtu (200), Kumming (150)

    INDOCHINA: Hanoi (100), Saigon (100)

    SIAM: Bangkok (100)

    MALAYA: Singapour (250)

    JAVA: Batavia (100)

    AUSTRALIA: Sydney (200), Melbourne (210), Darwin (150)

    USA: Seattle (1800), SF (2000), LA (1280), San Diego (600)

    CANADA: Vancouver (250)

    BIRMAN: Rangoon (100), Mandalay (100)

    INDIA: Calcutta (180), Madras (120), Bombay (200), Delhi (200)

    At the beginning, some are damaged (Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Singapour)
    or are completely destroyed (west coast).
    This is a simulation of the lack of preparation of the civilians for war.
    Note that except Batavia, there are no more big RC in Indonesia.

    Now, in addition to RC, some cities will receive free sup (sup:/ ...).
    it is a simulation of supply giving by friendly population without raw material production.
    This will concern especially Japan, USA, Canada, chinese China, India, Australia, New Zealand.

    Let's talk now about mine. There are the region where only raw materials are exploited without
    a big industrialised population.
    This will be simulated by free res (res:/ ...) on map. As all free avantage, it is working only for the
    side which owns it the first day of the war. For example, the phosphate production of Nauru
    is allied at the beginning. If Japan captures Nauru, Japan won't receive nothing from Nauru,
    but if the allies reconquers Nauru, he will receive free res again.

    Here is the list:

    RUSSIA: Krasnoyarsk, Yakutsk

    JAPAN: Aomori, Nagaoka, Toyama

    MANCHOUKUO: Port Arthur

    COREA: Changkufeng, Heijo

    CHINA: Yenan, Kweiyang, Tsuyung

    FORMOSA: Taichu

    INDOCHINA: Haiphong, Cam Ranh, Kompong Som

    MALAYA: Kuala Lumpur, Mersing

    INDONESIA: Toboali, Belitoeng

    AUSTRALIA: Townsville, Rockhampton, Newcastle, Hobart

    NEW ZEALAND: Picton

    CANADA: Skagway

    INDIA: Aden,Karachi, Mangalore, Vizagatapam, Diamond Harbor

    PACIFIC: Nauru, Noumea

    USA: United States

    What about oil?
    No big differences with CHS with 3 exceptions:
    Palembang: the OC (0)x1200 is replaced by 4 OC (0)x250
    Kendari has oil now: (0)x50
    Soerabaya: the OC (0)x100 is replaced by (0)x150
    Batavia has oil now: (0)x50
    There is a small production at Nikolaesvk.


    The oil situation for Japan is roughly the same as in others mods. Japan made war for oil
    and it doesn't change here. A better repartition of OC is only a way to avoid a nearly immediate
    defeat of Japan in case of complete destruction of Palembang's OC when captured.
    In the bad case it would nevertheless occur, the japanese player would be able to repair them 4 times quicker.
    However, compared with CHS 155, the oil reserve in Japan will be reduced to simulate 6 or 8 months, not more.

    About resources, the situation is completely different. Now, most res are coming from already captured
    mine (under japanese control the first day) and RC.
    So concerning the need for industries, the big sources of resources are Japan (30%), Manchoukho-Corea-China (60%)
    and the rest 10% are coming from Indochina and Formosa.
    All together, all these sources are enough to provide res for the Japan's HIC at the beginning.
    If Japan wants to have a surplus (to increase its industry or to prepare bad time), it
    must invade Indonesia and Malaya ( about RC (0)x400 ) and make others invasions (India, Australia).
    Japan will have a good reserve in res.

    About HIC, they will be quasi exclusively concentrated in homeland Japan.
    Except at Shanghai and Pekin, all others HIC (Formosa, Indochina, Siam, Manchoukho, Corea)
    are set in Japan.

    Let's talk now about transport.
    It is known that in stock, the japanese merchant fleet is too important. In CHS 155, there is
    a significant correction but i think it is not enough. The japanese has still the possibility
    to make too many extra offensives in the pacific. I mean by extra, offensives that didn't take place
    in history. It is not to me to force the japanese player to do exactly what happened in reality (it would
    be stupid!) but to give him the real tool for his transport.
    It is up to him to do what he wants with his fleet.
    However, it seems that in CHS, the japanese capacity of transport is rather correct compared with
    the historical's one.
    So, where is the problem?

    The problem is that, WitP doesn't take into account of the civilian needs.
    All the merchant fleet is used to transport military troups, supply and resources (raw material)
    for the japanese war machine, but none is used to transport rice, soja, banana, coffee, ... for
    the population. Resources can not take place of food because it is only used by HIC to product
    planes, ships, and so on.
    Now, because of the "NEW ECONOMICAL MAP", Japan-Corea-Manchoukuo-China is nearly independant
    concerning res. Very few compared to the needs is available in Indonesia. (For oil, it is completely
    the opposite). During war, there was a big traffic between Indonesia and Japan but it was especially
    for food transport, or troups and military transports.
    So, the japanese transport has to be significantly reduced.

    As the japanese industry will be lightly increased (for merchant buildings), the need in res is 13480 a day.
    (In fact, it will be changed especially in repartition; as now RC represents also
    light industries, the HIC will be nearly all concentrated in Japan)
    We have to add 7150 res a day for manpower; this gives a little bit less than 21000 res a day.
    (Here again, most mp will be in homeland Japan)

    The most important traffic will be for res between Manchoukho-Corea and Japan (small distances).
    Japan has to transport toward metropol about 8000 res a day (60% of industrial needs).
    As it will take no less than 25 days to load, unload and make the round trip, Japan needs no less than
    200000 in AK for that.

    10%, so around 1500 res a day are coming from Indochina, Siam and Formose. Rudly speaking and as an average, it will take 2 months to make the round trip so the needs are 90000, so about 100000.

    The excedent coming from Indonesia and Java is 400x1.25 = 500 a day.
    With a round trip of 2 months and a half, Japan needs 37500, so about 40000 to transport it to homeland.
    These transport will also be useful to transport supply from Japan to the conquest in Indonesia,
    even if they are probably not sufficient in quantity.

    So, it gives from res transport, about 340000 in AK, and if we take into account of losses, 400000 in AK.
    Now, we have to consider that the vaste majority of these ships has been used in the early stage of the war
    to help invasion. As there is a quite big reserve of res in homeland Japan, the traffic can be interrupted
    during some weeks but not during many months. Japan has to be quick in its invasion.

    So, what are the need in transport at the beginnig of the war?
    Now, let's have an estimation of the needs in transport the 7th december 1941.

    MALAYA from INDOCHINA/TAINAN: 3 divisions

    PHILIPPINES from FORMOSE: 2 divisions

    PHILIPPINES from JAPAN/PALAO: 1 division and 1 brigade

    GUAM from JAPAN: 1 brigade

    WAKE from KWAJALEIN: 1 regiment

    This gives about 7 divisions so, about 900000 in AK or 210000 in AP.
    In order to supply these troups, we need half the capacity in transport, so 3.5 divisions, so 450000 in AK.

    Now, perhaps we can consider that there is an equivalent of 2 divisions in transport, at rest
    in Japan ports, so 250000 in AK or 60000 in AP.

    Now, let's make additions:
    400000 + 900000 (or 210000 in AP) + 250000 (or 60000 in AP) = 1550000 in AK (or 450000 in AK and 270000 in AP)
    A correct proportion would be 1000000 in AK and 180000 in AP.

    After the success of the first invasions towards Philippines and Indonesia, don't forgett that
    about 400000 in AK is needed to supply Japan in res and to send supply in Indonesia.
    This lets about 600000 in AK and 180000 in AP for further invasions and to supply of the rest of the

    Now, in CHS 155, the december 7th, there are about 23000000 in AK and 540000 in AP.

    So, it is clear, the japanese merchant fleet has to be reduced.

    All deleted transport will be send as reinforcement from mid 42 to the end of war.
    Here again is a good simulation of the real war. Indeed, we know that, as the war was developing badly
    for Japan, a higher pourcentage of transport has been used for the military duties and the japanese
    population has been sacrified.


    In order to simulate the slow start of US economy, there is a complete change in industries
    on west coast. Nearly all plane factories are destroyed, as are the RC.
    US west coast is completely out of res. They need to be repaired by free sup available but
    it won't be enough at the beginning to repair everything in the same time.
    At the opposite, there is a great excess of oil available.

    In Australia, New Zealand (and Noumea), it is the opposite. There is a great excess in res
    (coming especially from mine). Australia is short in oil and just sufficient to survive in sup.
    Even when all RC in USA will be repaired (early 43 if repair occurs during most of time in 42),
    there will be still too many HIC for res available.
    And even when Australian HIC will work, there will be still res in excess.

    Especially in 42, the allied marchant fleet won't probably be able to make both commercial
    exchange between USA and Australia, and big offensives against Japanese.


    Following the advice of Micke, i have done the same thing between India and Aden.
    Aden (simulating the oil of Arabia and the HIC of Great Britain) will be short of res and the oil center (OC)
    is completely destroyed.
    (An HR which prevents japanese to invade Aden should be used).

    India will be in a catastrophic situation concerning sup if it stays alone but will have great
    excess in res.

    So, big commerce is highly recommandable here too, with less transport available for allied invasion.


    The US player will have a possible management of his aircraft production.
    He will have possibility to give priority to bombers to the detriment of fighter
    or the opposite, and amoung bombers or fighters, the ones he wants to have in priority.

    This system will also simulate the slow start of US aeronautic production and its acceleration.


    The plane statistics is greatly modified in order to be more fair especially with
    japanese plane.
    As a generality, the allied planes are flying faster, are better equiped and armed
    and are more robust. The japanese ones are more manoeuvrable.

    The pool of pilots will be slightly changed with slightly better allied pilots in greater
    number. The japanese will receive more IJA pilot.
    However, to allow the japanese player to not depend only on his pool, an HR should be used:
    "training on map (bombing everything even empty base) is highly recommandable"
    with a constraints:
    "All fighter and fighter bomber groups with an exp of 70 or more, must only perform
    fighter missions (Escort, CAP, Sweep, LRCAP) or naval attack"
    For that, except one, the small japanese IJA fighter chutai groups (12 planes) will be transform
    in Daitai groups (36 planes).
    The remaining one is equipped with Tojo (experimental group).

    Some new versions of plane are introduced too.


    a lot of small things to modify to correct some stange behavior in the game or some mistakes.
    Some example:

    Allied AA reg will be reduced.
    Jap AA base force will be slighty increased.

    The mod being harder for the Allied one, he will receive some VP in addition at the beginning.

    Jap begins with only 20 PP, allied with 0 PP. Both are receiving 30 PP a day.

    Asymetry problem with airfield symbol: the reco and patrol jap group are tranformed from
    Chutai to Daitai with 12 planes instead of 9. So that, jap player can more easily saturate
    the map with airfiel symbol.

    Most allied fortifications at the beginning are set to zero.
    With some exceptions like Bataan (7), Wake (5).

    The PT boat have only one torpedo by boat; to reduce their great efficiency in the game compared
    to the historic one.



    sup = supply
    res = resources
    mp = manpower
    RC = Resource Center
    OC = Oil Center
    HIC = Heavy Industry Complex

    I) CANADA.

    In CHS 155:

    sup: /1305
    fuel: /1000
    oil: /
    res: /395
    mp: (0)x26
    RC: (0)x45
    OC: (0)x10
    HIC: (0)x90

    In ROM 175:

    sup: /1075
    fuel: /500
    oil: /
    res: /450
    mp: (10)x16
    RC: (140)x60
    OC: (0)x
    HIC: (0)x200

    As USA will be in great lack of res at the beginning, the res in
    exceed at Skagway should be sent by boats to west coast.


    In CHS 155:

    Nouméa: RC: (0)x30
    Nauru: RC: (0)x20

    In ROM 175:

    Nouméa: res/250
    Nauru: res/50

    Highly recommandable to sent these res to west coast


    In CHS 155:

    sup: /2095
    fuel: /50
    oil: /450
    res: /1295
    mp: (0)x93
    res: (0)x1390
    oil: (0)x25
    HI: (0)x1990

    In ROM 175

    sup: /520
    fuel: /
    oil: /
    res: /4950
    mp: (0)x93
    res: (280)x450
    oil: (0)x25
    HI: (0)x2210

    As seen, the supply available (1120) is only sufficient for peace
    time. Oil in excess on west coast has to be sent to supply the
    Australian HIC.
    On the opposite, there is a huge excess of res in Australia/New
    Zealand. These res have to be sent to west coast for the US HIC.

    There will be lack of supply everywhere in the pacific at the
    beginning, so it will be difficult to repair Australian RC in 42.
    But, in 43, it will be recommandable because of the needs in res
    on west coast.

    II) USA

    Now, my aim is to dramaticaly reduced the US economy in 1942. A
    lot of allied player have taken bad habit making non stop offensive
    from mid 42 till the end. IRL, during the first 18 months of the war,
    the only major allied offensive was the "watchtower" operation and
    towards Buna, and these offensives (especially the first one) were only
    possible due to the incredible victory at Midway.
    In the south, due to lack of means, Mac Arthur stopped offensive
    operation from the beginning to mid 43. Afterwards, the US
    offensive haven't been stopped until surrender of Japan.

    So, i will reduce the free supply available (and also fuel) and make
    a lot of damage to industry. But as a difference with CHS 155, if
    repairing of factories does start immediately, i will be finish in early
    43, and not early 44.

    From my point of wiew, a good politics of economy would be to
    use supply during the first year to repair centers, and when
    everything is repaired (early 43), you will have a real leap forward
    to begin major offensive from mid 43.

    Of course, this politic is depending also of the military situation and
    i won't hesitate to stop reparation during a short time if i have an
    emergency need of supply.
    I was speaking about supply: let's talk now about fuel. Sadly, it is
    not possible to make such a leap because fuel is not used to
    repair. So, my suggestion is to repair res centers and to furnish
    everything needed for HI centers dispersed on the map
    (especially from Australia).

    In CHS 155:

    sup: /31850
    fuel: /26000
    res: /5245
    oil: /6000
    mp: (0)x215
    res: (5140)x950
    oil: (800)x180
    HI: (0)x4060

    There are only 11 centers to be repaired but they are very damaged (long time to repair)

    In ROM 175:

    sup: /15250
    fuel: /6000
    res: /
    oil: /12500
    mp: (0)x215
    res: (6000)x0
    oil: (0)x0
    HI: (2000)x7500

    Here are the details for the most important centers:


    Spokane, Boise, Astoria, Portland, Sacramento: sup: /50
    (It will be enough to supply US units, not more; we don't take
    into account of that in our futur calculus)

    HIC: (100)x450; (100)x450; (100)x450; (100)x450; (100)x450;
    RC: (360)x0; (360)x0; (360)x0; (360)x0; (360)x0;
    sup: /3000
    oil: /2750

    HIC: (100)x500; (100)x500; (100)x500; (100)x500; (100)x500;
    RC: (400)x0; (400)x0; (400)x0; (400)x0; (400)x0;
    sup: /5000
    fuel: /6000
    oil: /6000

    HIC: (100)x400; (100)x400; (100)x400; (100)x400; (100)x400;
    RC: (320)x0; (320)x0; (320)x0; (320)x0; (320)x0;
    sup: /5000
    oil: /2500

    HIC: (100)x50; (100)x100; (100)x150; (100)x200; (100)x250;
    RC: (40)x0; (80)x0; (120)x0; (160)x0; (200)x0;
    sup: /2000
    oil: /1250

    1. There are 40 centers to repair but none is exceeding 400 days, thus 1 year and 1 month.
    2. Even when all centers will be repaired, there still will be an excess of oil.
    3. With only 15000 free sup available each day, it is impossible to repair all the damaged centers. However, the damaged HIC may not be repaired in 42 because there are already not enough res for HIC available. So, reparation should be done only for RC in 42. Even like that, it will not be enough. So, the allied will have to make choices. As a compensation, there will a lot of supply in reserve (more than 400000) and there are sup in excess at Canada and especially at Panama.
    4. As Australia/New Zealand/Pacific has a great excess in res, high commercial exchange between these 2 countries is highly recommandable. The allied player will have to make choice between commercial exchange and use of AK/AP to make offensive or to carry troops.
    5. In early 43, when all RC will be repaired, the allied player will still have the choice to repair or not the damaged HIC on west coast. Just in case he would in excess of supply and with lack of fuel.
    6. Of course, as the res centers are repairing each day, the supply available is increasing. As an example, if the allied player does repair all the 20 RC damaged at the beginning, this gives in supply: 20 (RC) + 20x1.25 (HIC supplied) = 45 supply points in addition per day. So, after only 22 days, there are about 1000 sup in excess per day on west coast.
    7. Moreover, there will be a first amelioration 40 days after (+1000), 80 days after (+1000) and so on.
    • Let's calculate now what will be the supply available 400 days after the beginning, when all RC's reparations are over: 15000 + 6000 + 7500 = 28500.
    • Of course, we may choose to not repair the RC and to use 15000 immediately. But, if we do that, we will probably have a problem with fuel. 6000 a day and for the rest of the war is good in 42 but in 44???
    • Now, if we choose to repair the RC, the fuel available will increasing with time and at the end of all reparations, we will have: 6000 + 7500 = 13500 a day (more than twice!)
    • If, in 1943, we choose to repair the remainings damaged HIC, it will cost 2000000 sup but at the end of reparation (100 days), the supply available has increased by 2000 a day and 2000 a day for oil, so 30500 sup and 15500 fuel.
    • We finish this paragraph by a calculus:
    forgeting a moment the problem of fuel and considering that west

    coast is completely isolated from others countries, we choose to
    repair nothing at all:

    after 400 days (january 43), we have received 15000x400 = 6000 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 44), we have received 6000 + 15.000x365 = 11475 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 45), we have received 11475 + 15.000x365 = 16950 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 46), we have received 16950 + 15.000x365 = 22425 thousand of supply

    now, the complete opposite, we are making all reparation of RC (not HIC) without interruption:
    after 400 days (january 43), we have received
    6000 + 3100* (supply in addition due to RC being slowly repaired) - 6000(cost of all reparations in thousand of supply) = 3100 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 44), we have received 3100 + 28.500x365 = 13500 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 45), we have received 13500 + 28.500x365 = 23900 thousand of supply
    1 year after (january 46), we have received 23900 + 28.500x365 = 34300 thousand of supply

    So, it is clear that, even without taking interest to fuel, before end of 43,
    the start investement's supply in reparation is completely compensated.

    As an example among many others, a strategy for the first year would be to:

    1) Send as soon as possible exceeding oil from west coast to Australia to make its HI working.

    2) In the same time, as the australian HI doen't work, send exceeding res from Australia and Nouméa
    to west coast for the same reason.

    3) As the australian HI is working, the res available here is decreasing but in the same time, the res needed on west coast is decreasing too.

    4) At the beginning of 43, all RC on west coast are repaired but HIC are still to be repaired. The excess of res needed for, still comes from Pacific. And the excess of oil may still be send in Australia as supply now to repair the Australian RC.

    This example simulates in fact the importance given by the Allied during the war
    to the line West coast of USA-Australia.

    Now, the allied player has a much more capacity to decide what is better for his strategy.
    A great use of supply at the beginning may allow him to counter attack earlier but it will be at the
    cost of the later operations.

    As a conclusion, i made a simulation to know what happen if the allied player choose to repair most of his RC on west coast in priority.
    1. Before may 1942, there will NO supply available from west coast.
    2. After may 42, the supply available will increase slowly especially if he has chosen to repair the most damaged San Diego' RC in priority in january, february, march, april and may. In june-july, as all San Diego's RC are repaired, there is a big increase in sup available (+5000) and after it continues to grow slowly until 320, 360 and the 400 days after Pearl Harbor's attack.
    3. Now, from the beginning to may 42, where does come from excess supply for war operations? First, there is about 250 res in excess in Canada from Sagway and a small excess in supply. Second, 2000 sup and 1000 fuel are coming from Panama and third, big quantity of res has to be sent from Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Nouméa). Fourth, oil has to be sent from west coast to Australia's HIC.
    * here is the detailed calculus:
    in 400 days, each RC of (400)x0 will furnish (via HI): (400x401/2)x2.25 = 180000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (360)x0 will furnish (via HI): (360x361/2)x2.25 + 40x360x2.25 = 178000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (320)x0 will furnish (via HI): (320x321/2)x2.25 + 80x320x2.25 = 173000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (200)x0 will furnish (via HI): (200x201/2)x2.25 + 200x200x2.25 = 135000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (160)x0 will furnish (via HI): (160x161/2)x2.25 + 240x160x2.25 = 115000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (120)x0 will furnish (via HI): (120x121/2)x2.25 + 280x120x2.25 = 92000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (80)x0 will furnish (via HI): (80x81/2)x2.25 + 320x80x2.25 = 65000 supplies
    in 400 days, each RC of (40)x0 will furnish (via HI): (40x41/2)x2.25 + 360x40x2.25 = 34000 supplies

    the result in thousand of supply is: 5x180 + 5x178 + 5x173 + 1x135 + 1x115 + 1x92 + 1x65 + 1x34 = 3100



    sup = supply
    res = resources
    mp = manpower
    RC = Resource Center
    OC = Oil Center
    HIC = Heavy Industry Complex

    I) INDIA.

    In CHS 155:

    sup: /1745
    oil: /
    res: /1745
    mp: (0)x168
    RC: (0)x2235
    OC: (0)x70

    In ROM 175:

    sup: /115
    oil: /
    res: /4400
    mp: (0)x48
    RC: (510)x195
    OC: (0)x10

    II) ADEN.

    In CHS 155:

    sup: /8000
    oil: /600
    res: /
    mp: (0)x10
    RC: (0)x
    OC: (400)x0

    In ROM 175:

    sup: /4000
    oil: /
    res: /1200
    mp: (0)x120
    RC: (0)x
    OC: (700)x0

    As seen, India will be quickly out of supply if stays alone.

    For its supply and fuel, India is completely dependant of Aden.

    On the other way, Aden (which represents oil of Arabia and heavy
    industries of Great Britain) is short of res.
    So, high commercial exchange is recommandable between Aden and India, supply and fuel
    to be sent towards India and res to be sent back towards Aden.
    A good option is to repair the OC at Aden at the cost of 1000 supply a day.


    As already explained, the 2 merchant fleet have to be reduced.

    Japanese Fleet:

    In Rom 175, there are a little bit more than 2000000 capacity in AK, half being available at the beginning.
    This is only done by a reduction in capacity, there are no ships removed.
    A trouble is coming from the fact that there are no more AK with a capacity of 5000 or more, so the japanese player doesn't have anymore the possibility to convert AK in AE, AR, AV, AS, MLE at Osaka.

    I have solved this problem by giving this possibility by upgrade of AK in june 1942. Be careful, these upgrade are not reversible.

    Here are the upgrade: (VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW)

    AK Africa Maru Class (cap=3400) ===> AE
    AK Large Maru Class (cap=3000) ===> AV
    AK Shinshu Maru Class (cap=2600) ===> AD
    AK Akashi Maru Class (cap=1200) ===> AR
    AK Choyo Class (cap=900) ===> AS

    Now, AD is available for the japanese but not the MLE.
    It is well known that with MLE, the japanese player is able to lay thousands of mines in his own bases which is unrealistic.
    As a small compensation, the very small japanese ML have an enhanced endurance.

    ML Toshima End=2600
    ML Ma 1 End=2300

    So now, only level 9 port have to be used to resupply ML in mines.

    The MLE Prome (at Trincomalee) is removed from allied OOB and placed in reinforcement at Aden in may 42.
    A mine warfare in Dutch India during winter 1941-42 is also unrealistic.

    (In addition, nearly all ML in the game will have half capacity in mine; this does not concern submarines)

    About the japanese AP's capacity, in CHS 155, there is about a capacity of 720000 but most of the AP
    are already available at the beginning.

    So, first, i have divided this capacity by 2 and second, i have transferred 110 AP from start availability to reinforcements. In order to compensate, the japanese HI capacity is increased with 700 HI in addition.

    So, in Rom 175, there are about 370000 capacity in AP, 180000 being available at the beginning and 190000 in reinforcement.

    Allied Fleet:

    In CHS 155, the allied AK fleet is around 8900000, but only 1900000 are available the december 7th.

    Roughly speaking, i have divided this capacity by 2 (round up) but there are 2 big exceptions:

    the AK Large US Class remains at 5000 (this is to allow the convertion in auxiliairy ship at SF)
    and the AK Liberty Class is transformed from 4800 to 4000. (I recall that they are about 770 of this ship
    as reinforcement during war).

    So, in Rom 175, the allied AK capacity is reduced from 9000000 to 5800000, 1130000 being available at the
    beginning, 4700000 in reinforcement.

    Concerning AP, i have divided by 1.9 (round up) the capacity, so in Rom 175, the capacity is a little
    bit more than 510000, 140000 at the beginning, 370000 in reinforcement.


    In CHS 155, the ratio for the AK is 8.9/3.4=2.6 in allied favour and for the AP, 1/0.72=1.4 in allied favour.

    In Rom 175, these ratii are respectively 5.8/2=2.9 and 5/3.6=1.4.

    For AP, they are the same. For AK, there is apparently an small advantage for the allied player in the mod 175.
    But, don't forgett that, especially in 1942, a part of allied AK has to be used for commercial exchange between Australia and USA or Aden and India, and for Japan, the biggest quantity of resource is coming from Manchouko and China, not from Dutch India.


    here is the list of the freighters which participate to the Watchtower's operation with their capacity in the mod:

    AP Fuller (2000)
    AP American Legion (2100)
    AK Bellatrix (2150)
    AP Mc Cawley (2000)
    AP Barnett (2000)
    AP George F.Elliot (2000)
    AK Libra (2150)
    AP Hunter Ligett (2100)
    AK Alchiba (2150)
    AK Fomalhaut (2150)
    AK Betelgeuse (2150) (doesn't exist in CHS or rominet)
    AP Crescent City (1400)
    AP President Hayes (2100)
    AP President Adams (2100)
    AK Alhena (2150)
    AP Neville (2000)
    AP Zeilin (2000)
    AP Heywood (2000)
    AP President Jackson (2100) (doesn't exist in CHS or rominet)
    with 4 APD (180)

    This gives a capacity of 26620 in AP and 12900 in AK.

    But there is a problem: it seems that the 1st USMC Raider Bn was carryed by the 4 APD which is impossible with such a 180 capacity.

    So, in rominet 175, the allied APD will have a capacity multiplyed by 5 and the same for the japanese one.

    Are concerned the APD Class Manley (900) and Crosley (1100), and the APD Class Patrol Boat N°1 (1250),
    N°32 (1150) and Converted Minekaze Class (1250).

    For Watchtower's operation, a capacity of 29500 in AP and 12900 in AK is enough to carry the 1st USMC div, 3rd USMC Def bn, 1st USMC Para bn, 1st USMC Raider bn and enough supply for some weeks.


    It concerns here the United State hex.
    This base must be completely isolated from others bases of USA or Canada.
    By isolated, i mean that no supply must go in or go out the base
    from others allied bases. .


    mp: (0)x215
    res: /2150
    for mp production

    sup: /1250

    and a lot of plane factories partly destroyed

    F4F-4 Wildcat (100)x0
    P-40E Warhawk (160)x40
    B-25C Mitchell (100)x0
    B-17C Fortress (15)x5
    F4U-1 Corsair (120)x30
    C-47 Dakota (60)x0
    B-24D Liberator (140)x10
    SBD-3 Dauntless (55)x25
    TBD Devastator (45)x25
    B-17E Fortress (10)x0
    Liberator III (30)x0
    P-38G Lightning (150)x0
    FM-2 Wildcat (0)x80
    P-47C Thunderbolt (0)x50
    F6F-3 Hellcat (0)x100

    With only about 1.2 reparation a day, it is up to the allied player to choose his priority.

    In Australia:

    Beaufort V-IX:(20)x0

    Beaufort I:(0)x10

    On west coast:

    B-29: (75)x0

    LB-30 Liberator:(5)x0

    Liberator III:(40)x0

    Of course, all these production on map have to be
    added to the production off map.


    The reason of the modifications given here is to allow more realistic combat
    between plane and to correct some mistakes.

    For example, it is well known that the Zero or Oscar was a very manoeuvrable plane during the war,
    far better in this domain than most of allied fighter in the early stage of the war.
    It is not very evident in CHS 155.
    The first US plane that reached the same performance in this domain is the Hellcat.
    But, as an amazing thing, in CHS 155, the first version of Corsair has a better
    manoeuvrability than the Hellcat. The Corsair was surely a good plane when used with
    the "hit and run" tactic because of its high speed, but the US pilot was doing a mistake
    when he was trying to engage a Zero in very manoeuvrable combat, because the Zero, as
    light fighter was better for that. I can do the same remark with P-38.
    In fact, there will be very few allied plane with a better manoeuvrability than a Zero.
    What is the real difference between an A6M2 of 41-42 and a P-51H of 45? A much better speed,
    better weapons and a far better robustness, but surely not a real better manoeuvrability.

    Here is an other problem about the max speed.
    It seems that in WitP, the importance of the max speed has been overevaluated in dogfight
    combat routine. As my aim is not to strictly respect the max speed of each plane but to
    allow more realistic dogfight combat, i have proceeded to a kind of compression of max speed.
    Compression has to be understood as its musical signification. Especially for plane having
    a max speed above 400 or under 300, a modification will be operated to slow down fast planes
    and to accelerate slow planes.

    It is clear that the japanese aviation is of better quality than usual but take care to the
    fact that the allied (especially the US one) production of fighter is far bigger than usual too.
    At the end of the war, the P-40 and P-38 production have been stopped to the profit of the
    P-51 ones which will be produced at a better rate than 700 planes a month.

    After the war, some japanese planes (especially Hayate, Shiden) have been tested by USAAF and
    as an amazing thing, its appears that with the high degre octane gasoline used by US planes,
    the japanese planes had about same performance than late allied fighters. I took account of this fact
    and as during war, the gasoline used by japanese was not as good as the one used by allies,
    the late japanese fighter performance are so a little bit reduced compared to the allied ones, especially
    in max speed.

    As a general tendancy of this mod, the faster, the better armed and the most robust planes are allied.
    The more manoeuvrable ones are japanese.

    Some planes have been removed (especially jet planes) and some others have been introduced
    (especially new versions).

    Japanese aviation:

    As Pete is now a float-fighter, except for 3 japanese AV, they have been replaced by Jake or Alf on every jap ship.
    The 3 japanese AV are carrying float-fighter Pete as chutai and experimental Rufe as Daitai (not available before june 42).
    Take care to the fact that if you upgrade the Rufe airgroup in Pete, the operation is not reversible.

    Allied aviation:

    Off Map Allied Production:

    Upgrade Tree:

    AM=Advanced Mitsubishi
    AN=Advanced Nakajima

    Example: D4Y-1 Judy(A:3/43) means that the D4Y-1 Judy needs an Aichi engine and will be released in 3/43

    A5M4 Claude(N)===>A6M2 Zero(N)===>A6M3-a Zero(N:11/42)===>A6M5 Zeke(N:9/43)===>A6M8 Zeke(AM:2/45)

    A6M2-N Rufe(N:6/42)

    A6M3 Zero(N:7/42)===>A6M3-a Zero(N:11/42)===>A6M5 Zeke(N:9/43)===>A6M8 Zeke(AM:2/45)

    A7M2 Reppu(AM:10/45)

    N1K1-J Shiden(AN:6/44)===>N1K2-J Shiden KAI(AN:10/44)

    J2M Raiden(AM:10/43)

    J1N1-S Gekko(N:3/43)

    D1A Susie(N)===>D3A Val(M)===>D4Y-1 Judy(A:3/43)===>D4Y-4 Suisei(A:2/45)

    A6M5c Zeke(N:9/43)

    B4Y Jean(N)===>B5N Kate(N)===>B6N Jill(AM:12/43)

    B7A Grace(AN:8/44)

    G3M Nell(M)===>G4M1 Betty(M)===>G4M2 Betty(M:7/43)

    G4M2e Betty(M:10/44)

    P1Y Ginga(AN:8/44)

    C5M Babs(M)===>J1N1-R Irwing(N:9/42)===>C6N Myrt(N:4/44)

    H6K4 Mavis(M)===>H8K-1 Emily(M:7/42)===>H8K-2 Emily(M:2/43)

    L1N1 Thora(N)===>L2D2 Tabby(M)

    L3Y Tina(M)

    E14Y1 Glen(N)

    E8N Dave(N)===>E13A1 Jake(M)

    F1M2 Pete(M)

    E7K2 Alf(M)

    Ki-27 Nate(N)===>Ki-43-IIa Hayabusa(N:10/42)===>Ki-43-III Peregrine(N:2/44)===>Ki-84-Ic Hayate KAI(AN:2/45)

    Ki-43-Ib Oscar(N)===>Ki-43-IIa Hayabusa(N:10/42)===>Ki-43-III Peregrine(N:2/44)===>Ki-84-Ic Hayate KAI(AN:2/45)

    Ki-44-Ia Tojo(N:7/42)===>Ki-44-IIb Shoki(N:2/43)===>Ki-44-IIc Shoki KAI(N:9/43)===>Ki-44-III KAI Shoki(N:5/44)===>Ki-84-Ic Hayate KAI(AN:2/45)

    Ki-45 KAIa Nick(N:8/42)===>Ki-45 KAIc Toryu(N:4/44)===>Ki-102c KAI Randy(AM:9/45)

    Ki-45 KAIb Nick(N:1/43)===>Ki-102b Randy(AM:11/44)===>Ki-83(AM:10/45)

    Ki-46-III KAI Dinah(AM:3/44)===>Ki-102c KAI Randy(AM:9/45)

    Ki-61-I Hien(K:3/43)===>Ki-61 KAI Hien(K:2/44)===>Ki-61-II Hien(K:11/44)

    Ki-84-Ia Hayate(AN:4/44)===>Ki-84-Ic Hayate KAI(AN:2/45)

    Ki-100 Goshiki Sen(AN:5/45)

    Ki-30 Ann(N)===>Ki-51 Sonia(M)===>Ki-102b Randy(AM:11/44)===>Ki-83(AM:10/45)

    Ki-32 Mary(H)===>Ki-51 Sonia(M)===>Ki-102b Randy(AM:11/44)===>Ki-83(AM:10/45)

    Ki-36 Ida(H)

    Ki-21 Sally(M)===>Ki-67 Peggy(AM:6/44)

    Ki-48-I Lily(N)===>Ki-48-II Lily(N:4/42)===>Ki-67 Peggy(AM:6/44)

    Ki-49 Helen(N)===>Ki-67 Peggy(AM:6/44)

    Ki-15 Babs(M)===>Ki-46-II Dinah(M)===>Ki-46-III Dinah(M:1/43)

    Ki-57-II Topsy(M)

    MC-21 Sally(N)

    Sea Hurricane===>Seafire I/II(6/42)===>Corsair III/IV(6/43)===>Seafire III/XV(1/44)===>Seafire XVI(3/45)

    Fulmar===>Martlet(12/42)===>Hellcat II(9/43)

    F2A Buffalo===>F4F-3 Wildcat===>F4F-4 Wildcat===>F6F-3 Hellcat(7/43)===>F6F-5 Hellcat(7/44)===>F8F-1 Bearcat(9/45)

    FM-2 Wildcat(12/42)===>F6F-5 Hellcat(9/44)===>F8F-1 Bearcat(9/45)

    F4U-1 Corsair(1/43)===>F4U-1D Corsair(1/44)===>F4U-4 Corsair(1/45)


    Mosquito FB.VI(1/44)

    SB2U Vindicator===>SBD-3 Dauntless===>SBD-5 Dauntless(3/43)===>SB2C Helldiver(10/43)===>F8F-1 Bearcat(9/45)

    PV-1n Ventura(7/43)===>F6F-5N Hellcat(12/43)

    Swordfish===>Avenger I(12/42)


    TBD Devastator===>TBF Avenger(6/42)===>TBM Avenger(7/43)

    TBM-3d Avenger(7/43)

    Singapore===>PBY Catalina===>PBM Mariner(12/42)

    Catalina I


    Do 24K-2===>PBY Catalina===>PBM Mariner(12/42)

    SOC-3 Seagull===>OS2U-3 Kingfisher


    Lockheed 212===>Dakota I

    C-47 Dakota===>C-46 Commando(2/43)

    C-60A Lodestar===>Dakota I

    PB2Y Coronado

    Lysander I===>Hurricane II===>Hurricane IID/IV(6/42)===>Spitfire Vb(1/43)===>Spitfire VIII(9/43)===>Thunderbolt II(11/43)===>===>Spitfire XIV(12/44)

    Wirraway===>Beaufighter Mk 21(6/42)===>Kittyhawk III(5/43)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    Boomerang II(1/43)

    Mohawk IV===>Hurricane II===>Hurricane IID/IV(6/42)===>Spitfire Vb(1/43)===>Spitfire VIII(9/43)===>Spitfire XIV(12/44)

    Hawk 75A===>Kittyhawk I(3/42)===>P-47C Thunderbolt(5/43)===>P-47D Thunderbolt(9/43)===>P-47N Thunderbolt(12/44)

    CW-21B Demon===>Kittyhawk I(3/42)===>P-47C Thunderbolt(5/43)===>P-47D Thunderbolt(9/43)===>P-47N Thunderbolt(12/44)

    Brewster 339D===>Kittyhawk I(3/42)===>P-47C Thunderbolt(5/43)===>P-47D Thunderbolt(9/43)===>P-47N Thunderbolt(12/44)

    Buffalo I===>Spitfire Vb(1/43)===>Spitfire VIII(9/43)===>Spitfire XIV(12/44)

    Blenheim IF===>Beaufighter VIF(8/42)

    CW-22 Falcon===>F-5A Lightning(6/42)===>F-5C Lightning(9/43)

    F.K.51===>F-5A Lightning(6/42)===>F-5C Lightning(9/43)

    Stranraer===>PBY Catalina===>PBM Mariner(12/42)

    Vildebeest IV===>Barracuda(4/43)

    Vengeance I(9/42)===>Mosquito FB.VI(1/44)

    T.IVa===>Avenger I(12/42)


    Blenheim I===>Blenheim IV===>Wellington III===>Liberator III(9/42)===>Liberator IV(1/44)===>Lancaster MK I (FE)(6/45)

    Martin 139===>Hudson I===>Liberator IV(1/44)===>Lancaster MK I (FE)(6/45)

    Beaufort I(1/42)===>Beaufort V-IX(5/42)

    Beaufighter VIC(1/43)===>Mosquito FB.VI(1/44)

    Mosquito PR.IX(1/44)

    Ventura V(4/43)

    Mosquito B.XVI(1/45)

    P-26A===>P-40B Tomahawk===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    P-35A===>P-39D Airacobra===>P-38G Lightning(10/42)===>P-38J Lightning(9/43)===>P-38L Lightning(6/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    P-36A Mohawk===>P-40E Warhawk===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    P-400 Airacobra===>P-39D Airacobra===>P-38G Lightning(10/42)===>P-38J Lightning(9/43)===>P-38L Lightning(6/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    A-36A Apache(5/43)===>P-47D Thunderbolt(9/43)===>P-47N Thunderbolt(12/44)

    F-6A Mustang(10/43)===>F-6D Mustang(4/44)

    P-70A Havoc(1/43)===>P-61A Black Widow(4/44)

    B-18A Bolo===>B-17C Fortress===>B-17E Fortress(9/42)===>B-17G Fortress(9/43)

    A-24 Dauntless===>A-20B Boston===>A-20G Havoc(1/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)

    PV-1 Ventura(12/42)===>PB4Y Liberator(1/43)

    B-25C Mitchell===>B-25J Mitchell(7/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)

    B-26B Maraudeur===>B-26G Maraudeur(6/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)

    A-29 Hudson===>B-25J Mitchell(7/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)


    LB-30 Liberator===>B-24D Liberator(11/42)===>B-24J Liberator(10/43)

    P-43A Lancer===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    B-29 Superfortress(4/44)

    I-153c===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    I-16c===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    IL-4c===>B-25J Mitchell(7/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)

    SB-2c===>B-25J Mitchell(7/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)

    P-66 Vanguard===>P-40N Warhawk(3/43)===>P-51B Mustang(3/44)===>P-51D Mustang(9/44)===>P-51H Mustang(5/45)

    Lincoln B.1(8/45)

    B-25G/H Mitchell(6/43)===>B-25J Mitchell(7/43)===>A-26B Invader(1/45)



    I-16 Type 24===>P-63A(11/43)

    FU4-1D Corsair RNZAF(1/44)




    IL-2 Shturmovik===>IL-2m3 Shturmovik(1/43)









    Well, now, note a very important thing to know:

    except the Oita, Usa, Suzuka Training Daitai, all airgroups not based on japanese ship are IJA so including old IJN airgroups like Zero, Claude, Nell, Betty, Jake, Malvis ... .
    The intention is to simulate the fact that during war, and especially for the japanese, it was very difficult to replace the pilots carrier trained.

    So, now, there is a distinction between old IJN pilots operating from airbases and new IJN pilots carrier trained.

    There is also only 3 ways to have good pilots for japanese CV:
    first, use of the IJN pool
    second, disembark CV's airgroups for training on map
    third, use of the "disband" or "withdraw" technic from the Oita, Usa, Suzuka Training Daitai.

    A check has been made: it is impossible to make a "withdraw" or a "disband" between IJA Zero and IJN Zero.

    Like for USA, there is now a difference between Japanese Navy and Japanese Marines.

    But, as a consequence, all IJA Zero group for example have a possible upgrade in IJA fighter like Nate, oscar, ... . !!!
    It would be a gamey use of this change!!!
    The japanese player should also use a house rule which strictly prohibit any upgrade from marine airgroups into army airgroups (Ki- and MC-21) and vice versa.

    No conversions from:

    * A5M, A6M, A7M2, J2M, N1K- into Ki-27, Ki-43, Ki-44, Ki-45, Ki-61, Ki-83, Ki-84, Ki-100, Ki-102 and vice versa

    * C5M, J1N1-R, C6N into Ki-15, Ki-46 and vice versa

    * D1A, D3A, D4Y into Ki-30, Ki-32, Ki-36, Ki-51 and vice versa

    * G3M, G4M, P1Y into Ki-21, Ki-48, Ki-49, Ki-67 and vice versa

    * L1N1, L3Y, L2D2 into Ki-57, MC-21 and vice versa

    * J1N1-S into Ki-45, Ki-46 KAI, Ki-102 and vice versa


    * 1000000 oil pts in reserve are deleted in Japan.

    * There is a small group of Rufe on board the AV Kimikawa Maru. This is to able the japanese
    player to use this kind of plane on AV or CVS. But it seems strange because Rufe are not in production
    before june 42. So, this group is underpowered in weapons. To give it the good weapons, it has to
    be downgraded in Pete and upgraded in Rufe. But, before june 42, as there won't be any other Rufe group
    on AV or CVS, upgrade Pete in Rufe is an impossible operation. This is irreversible. So, take care.
    The 2 Oscar airgroups and the small experimental Tojo airgroup are also underpowered in weapons at the

    * Groud units Flak:
    as a generality, the heavy flak is slighly reduced but the light flak is enhanced.
    At the beginning of the war and especially for the british in Malaya/India and also for japanese,
    most AA reg and base force are far from complete strenght.

    * Naval units Flak:
    the penetration factor of most light AA guns on naval unit is doubled.

    Here is the list of weapons concerned:

    Japanese AA guns:

    7.7 mm Lewis MG
    13.2 mm Type 93 AAMG
    25 mm Type 96 AA Gun
    40 mm 2pdr AA Gun

    Allied AA guns:

    0.5 Browning M2MG
    20 mm Oerlikon AA Gun
    40 mm Bofors AA Gun
    2 pdr Mk VIII AA Gun
    12.7 mm AAMG
    1.1 in Mk 1 AA Gun
    0.303 Vickers MG
    37 mm M 1 933 AA Gun
    13.2 mm AAMG
    7.7 mm Lewis MG
    3 pdr AA Gun

    * Most fortifications in Indonesia, Philippines, Indochina, Malaya and India are removed.
    Some allied fortifications are increased (Wake, Midway, Bataan)
    There are small changes in China.

    * The Chinese Corps have now 12 engineers instead of 24.
    The Chinese Div have now 6 engineers instead of 12.
    The supply available in China (for Chinese) is slightly reduced.
    4 japanese divisions and all Mongol units are now under China Expeditionnary Command.
    Mi 42, the 1st COG air transport unit (96 aircraft max) is arriving at Aden.

    * In addition to the fact that japanese MLE don't exist in this mod (compensated a little
    bit by the endurance's increase of some small ML), most ML (of the 2 sides) have a halfed
    capacity in mines.

    * As already explained, the japanese HI is slightly increased for merchant building.
    So, the capacity of the japanese Large Tanker is increased too (13680 instead of 10680).

    * The allocation of PP is 30 per day for each side.
    The japanese have 20 PP at the beginning and the allied, nothing!

    * List of bases where there are free resources:

    For Japan:

    Port Arthur
    Cam Ranh
    Kompong Som

    For Allies:

    Diamond Harbor
    Kuala Lumpur
    United States

    * All PT boats have only 1 torpedo tube instead of 4 or 2.
    Their max speed and manuever is increased.

    * The precision of 2 weapons has been slighly decreased:
    the "18in Type 91 Torpedo" carried by Betty, Nell, ... .
    the "500lb GB Bomb" carried by most allied heavy bombers.

    * Most allied heavy bombers have normal payload in bombs.
    For example, B-24 has 16 bombs (500lb GB) instead of 8 in CHS.

    * 2 of the 3 AVG groups are in China under China Command.

    * There was a mistake in most RAAF or RAN base force.
    The ANZAC Inf Squad has been replaced by Vickers AAMG (2).

    * About aviation, one of my task was to allow each kind of plane built
    to have at least one airgroup on map already present or in reinforcement.
    Take care to upgrade. Make a save before each upgrade. Some are irreversible.

    * An additionnal of 500 VP has been given to the Allies at the beginning.

    * The Repair ship yard at Pearl Harbor is half damaged.
    There is 50000 supply pts in addition.

    * The BB US at PH have system damage.

    Corrections for the second version Rom 175.1:

    * For the Chutai on board the 4 jap submarines I-400, I-401, I-402, I-404: E14Y1 Glen instead of A7M2 Reppu
    (1st version mistake)

    * Modifications for some planes:

    Ki-27 Nate (renamed Ki-27 Otsu): max speed: 316 instead of 309

    A5M4 Claude: max speed: 320 instead of 306
    range: 6-5 instead of 4-3

    F1M2 Pete: max speed: 310 instead of 298
    manuever: 36 instead of 35

    Ki-61 KAI Hien: manuever: 35 instead of 36
    Ki-61-II Hien:
    manuever: 35 instead of 37

    N1K1-J Shiden: max speed: 398 instead of 390

    Kittyhawk I: durability: 34 instead of 32

    * Heavy Industry at Osaka: 3800 instead of 3200

    * Experience of japanese pilot pool: 72 for IJA instead of 70
    80 for IJN instead of 75

    * Free supply at Aden: 3000 per day instead of 4000

    * Great reduction of the huge reserve of fuel on West Coast the December 7th 1941.

    * Darwin has 30000 supply in addition (could be useful for Dutch Indies)

    * The reco plane on board the 2 CL Leander and Achilles have New Zealand pilots instead of British pilots. (CHS 155 mistake)

    * The day experience of DD class Clemson has been reduced to 60 (in average) instead of 70 (in average).

    * CHINA: Sian: 300 supplies per day instead of 200
    Chungking: 300 supplies per day instead of 500

    * Pool of Dutch planes reduced.

    * Some mistakes on PT boats and PT boats upgrade. Fixed.
    Dernière modification par rominet ; 09/06/2009 à 12h08.

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    Date d'inscription
    janvier 1970
    Lausanne, Suisse

    mais maintenant, quid pour ceux qui, bien que s'accommodant de Sheakspire, préfèrent Molière???

  3. #3
    Date d'inscription
    janvier 1970
    Lausanne, Suisse
    je rebondis encore sur ce post pour poser une question afin de savoir quels sont les mods existants?

  4. #4
    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2007
    2 903
    Citation Envoyé par flavio Voir le message

    mais maintenant, quid pour ceux qui, bien que s'accommodant de Sheakspire, préfèrent Molière???
    J'aurais peut être dû le faire en italien non?

    Pour les mod existants, il y en a des tas; les plus connus sont les CHS http://www.bur.st/%7Eakbrown/witp/CHS_download.html

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    Date d'inscription
    janvier 1970
    Lausanne, Suisse
    bah, tu sais Napoléon disait bien:

    "Il faut savoir parler trois langues:
    1° le français pour parler aux politiques
    2° l'allemand pour parler aux soldats
    3° l'italien pour parler aux femmes"

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    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2007
    2 903
    Corrections à faire pour une éventuelle très improbable nouvelle version:

    * les hydravions embarqués sur les navires néo-zélandais sont des "british pilots" (erreur de la version originale CHS 155)
    * Réduire l'expérience de jour des DD US de classe Clemson.
    * La mania du A6M2 Zéro passe à 36.

    Correction à apporter pour la version 175.2:

    * 1 seul radar par unité alliée
    * précision bombe 500lb = 15
    * exp IJA = 70
    Dernière modification par rominet ; 14/09/2009 à 20h06.

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    Date d'inscription
    janvier 1970
    3 460
    A quelle adresse peut-on télécharger ton mod, ainis que les mods graphoiques que tu utilises?
    Un avatar du pingouin à lunette, j'avais trouvé, un avatar du maquereau tropical, aussi, mais un avatar de truite à poil dur, dur dur...Je garde donc mon avatar de maquerau tropical

    Il n'y a pas qu'HPS dans la vie, Un autre AAR d'une partie Europa Aflame, c'est par ici

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    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2007
    2 903
    Sérieux Bébert, tu veux te lancer dans une nouvelle partie maintenant??

    Veux tu que je te prépare la 2ième version? Quelques menus corrections suite à ma partie contre Emek et Micke, ça me prendrait 2-3 heures ce week-end!!

  9. #9
    Date d'inscription
    janvier 1970
    3 460
    Je me tâte. A force de lire un peu partout que seul le premier tour est vraiment long, je vais peut-être essayer un peu contre l'IA un ou deux tours.

    Mais cela m'a l'air bien compliqué d'installer un mod sur ce jeux. J'ai essayé d'installer les cartes d'Andrews, franchement, je ne suis pas certain d'y avoir réussi...
    Un avatar du pingouin à lunette, j'avais trouvé, un avatar du maquereau tropical, aussi, mais un avatar de truite à poil dur, dur dur...Je garde donc mon avatar de maquerau tropical

    Il n'y a pas qu'HPS dans la vie, Un autre AAR d'une partie Europa Aflame, c'est par ici

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    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2007
    2 903
    Évidemment que seul le 1er tour est vraiment long; une fois lancé, tu fais un tour en une heure ou deux pour les joueurs consciencieux.

    Par contre, si tu joues contre l'IA, je te déconseille le mod rom, il est vraiment pas prévu pour ça.
    Cela dit, ce n'est qd même pas compliqué à installer, il faut que tu installes CHS comme si tu jouais le scénar 155 avec la carte (tout est bien expliqué ici

    http://www.bur.st/~akbrown/witp/CHS_download.html )

    et je t'envoie les fichiers et tu te lances.

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