Daniel ne souhaite pas faire une partie en 2day/turn...

Je recherche donc toujours un adversaire pour :
le scénario DaIronBabes -C ( - equivalent du scenario 2 mais dans le formalisme Dababes... avec map stacking limit

Je propose les règles suivantes
Advanced weather ON
Allied damage control ON
Historical first turn OFF
Dec 7 surprise ON
Reliable USN torps OFF
Realistic R&D OFF
No unit withdrawals OFF
Reinforcements Fixed

Combat reports ON
Auto sub ops OFF
TF move radius ON
Plane move radius ON
Facilities expand OFF
Auto upgrade ships and airgroups OFF
Air and ground replacements OFF
Turn cycle 2 TURN

1st turn rules :
Allied player only able to command TF already at sea
No transferring or loading of squadrons
Max 30% cap set per squadron

Game rules:à disucter bien sûr
Max. alt for sweeps/caps best man. band
No 4e naval bombing below 10k
Pay full PP for units to cross national borders
No strategic bombing from or into China
Picket ships allowed if of the military type
No more than one unit performing night bombing per theater per day - 1 birmanie, 1 Chine, 1 australie/nouvelle guinée, 1 pacifique. Pour les bombardement de nuit les 4E ne peuvent bombarder que des cibles stratégiques (ville)
Thay forces can not move out of 3 hexes of their national frontier.
No strategic bombing (Oil, Resources, HI, LI, etc.) until July 1943