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Somme-Aisne '40?
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Discussion: Somme-Aisne '40?

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    janvier 1970
    Near Barcelone,Spain

    Somme-Aisne '40?

    if posible this tittle for a future posible Panzer Campaings? I think will be a very interesting game and will complete the France campaign.

    Thanks for your responses

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    janvier 2004
    Charlotte, Caroline du Nord
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    It would be nice...

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    juin 2013

    Somme-Aisne '40?

    I agree, that could be indeed interesting but
    I imagine your proposition would be considered as an
    eventual add-on to the program.

    Please note that the game already contains 25 scenarios.

    Best regards

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    janvier 1970
    Toussus le Noble
    3 626
    Relatively weak French divisions (the best ones were caught earlier) without heavy weapons...
    Not sure it will be interesting to play.
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